A modern way to engage and retain customers

1-way communication used to be enough to capture consumer attention.
But consumers today don’t want to be talked at.
They want to be heard and they want to buy from brands that fit their lifestyle.

Relationship. Relevancy. Reliability.

We help marketers engage customers in a meaningful and authentic way. Transform casual shoppers into loyal customers by giving them a place to naturally interact with you and other brand enthusiasts online. Go a step further and provide your customers a reason to visit your online store frequently.

Consumer shopping habits have changed, shouldn’t how you interact with them do the same?

Interactive Apps & Shoppable Content

Customer-centric apps that fit with your customer’s lifestyle and simplify their shopping experience. Customize the apps to match your brand’s look and feel.

Retail segments we're equipped to best serve

Home Improvement & Crafts

Help your customer stay on top of their projects. The project management app gives your customers the ability to plan, manage, and organize their DIY projects. Material lists are tied to your product inventory, which simplifies the shopping experience.



Be a part of your customer’s busy life. The weekly meal planning app enables time-strapped moms to plan out their family’s weekly meals. Ingredient lists are connected to your e-commerce store so your customers can buy online and pick up in store.


Home Furnishing

Let your customers show you their creativity and get to know their style. Products created within mood boards are linked to your e-commerce site so other community members can easily re-create the look.



Give your fashionistas a place where they can browse the latest arrivals and create trendy outfits to share with others. Each item is linked to your e-commerce site so other members can get the same look.


Give your customers a compelling reason to visit your online store and engage with your company frequently. Repurpose user generated content from your community to other marketing channels and develop a tighter connection with your customers.

An easy to implement and easier to use solution

Our technology covers these essential elements to drive customer stickiness

Online Branded Communities

Give your customer a voice and a place to connect with others who love your brand. Get to know their ethos, personality, and preferences.

Artificial Intelligence Insights

Use data driven insights to personalize your interaction with your customers and deliver valuable relevant promotions.

An interactive solution to engage the modern day consumers

Curious if Estimake fits your company’s overall customer retention strategy? Schedule a 30-minute demo call and let’s chat. Your success is our success so there’ll be no salesy 1-way conversation. Tell us your company’s goals and we’ll explore whether Estimake fits your business needs.